Mötley Crüe

Motley Crue ended their career just short of 35 years after it began with a final show at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Not long into the show, lead singer Vince Neil said “This is the last time you’ll see the four of us. Back in 1981 you got four teenagers roaming the streets of Hollywood, eating, drinking, smoking, f—ing. And here we f—ing are, 34 years later.” He then got choked up and had to turn around for a few seconds before saying “Most of all, I want to thank you motherf—ers for coming out and spending New Year’s Eve with us. Now let’s get to the music.”

Their set included many of the fan’s favorites and very little change from the shows over the year-and-a-half of the final tour although the order was in pretty constant flux. They opened with Girls, Girls, Girls on the final night but ended with the song they had been using all tour, Home Sweet Home.

Only one thing out of the ordinary happened with Tommy Lee’s drums getting suspended upside down, with Lee attached, during his drum solo. The crew had to climb up the roller coaster to get Lee down and things working again.

The set list:

Main Set

Girls Girls Girls (from Girls Girls Girls, 1987)
Wild Side (from Girls Girls Girls, 1987)
Primal Scream (from Decade of Decadence, 1991)
Same Ol’ Situation (from Dr Feelgood, 1989)
Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away) (from Dr Feelgood, 1989)
Smokin’ In The Boys Room (from Theater of Pain, 1985)
Looks That Kill (from Shout At The Devil, 1983)
Mutherfucker of the Year (from Saints of Los Angeles, 2008)
Anarchy In The UK (from Decade of Decadence, 1991)
Shout At The Devil (from Shout At The Devil, 1983)
Louder Than Hell (from Theater of Pain, 1985)
Drum Solo
Guitar Solo
Saints of Los Angeles (from Saints of Los Angeles, 2008)
Live Wire (from Too Fast For Love, 1981)
Dr. Feelgood (from Dr Feelgood, 1989)
Kickstart My Heart (from Dr Feelgood, 1989)