In more than two decades together, Travis haven’t always enjoyed the easiest ride. The Glaswegian indie four-piece tend to divide listeners into two camps: the devotees of their poppy and slightly wistful guitar music, and those who consider them “a bit boring.”

Luckily, through it all, the group have maintained a winking sense of humour, on full display in this new video for single 3 Miles High. Directed by frontman Fran Healy and shot in Berlin, the video sees the band hoisted on to the torsos of strongman athletes in adult-sized baby harnesses and walked around the city. It’s all rather silly and joyful – and part of a longer film made to accompany the band’s new album – soundtracked by the acoustic guitar-led track.

On 3 Miles High, as on the rest of forthcoming album Everything at Once, the band have been economical with song lengths. “[They] don’t overstay their welcome,” Healy said. “We have learnt to be frugal with our writing. You can say everything you want to say. You don’t need four minutes to do it.”

Watch the video below, featuring British strongmen Rob Frampton, Mark Felix, Terry Hollands and Tom Stoltman, and let us know your thoughts.