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Hollywood Vampires

Hollywood Vampires

Members of Guns N’ Roses, Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp will bring super-group ‘The Hollywood Vampires’ to The Grammys, to pay tribute to Lemmy and David Bowie at the 58th awards ceremony.

The announcement came today as pressure and excitement builds around the annual music industry awards. Lady Gaga has also been confirmed to sing a medley of David Bowie songs on the night.

The super-group is comprised of Actor Johnny Depp, Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry, Cooper ans Guns N’ Roses member Duff Mackagan.

“We started this band as a means to toast our ‘dead drunk friends’ at the Rainbow, all the ghosts in the bar, and now I guess Lemmy is involved in that, too,” Alice Cooper told Rolling Stone recently. Cooper added that the band has yet to decide on which song they’ll play, though he’s personally campaigning for “Ace of Spades”.