For almost 50 years Elton john has rolled out a steady stream of hits,with an attempt to choose one’s favourite an almost impossible pursuit . The decision is made even more today’s release with of the new album Wonderful Crazy Night  , an upbit blend of a little bit of a country and a little bit of a Rock N Roll, his approach to music,his indomitable work ethic and his unique style prove that he has never been anything but extraordinary.

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The British singer, who was performing at the Wiltern Theatre in LA on Wednesday, took the opportunity to pay tribute to his friend. He told the crowd that he had Bowie to thank for his collaborations with long-time producer Gus Dudgeon. “The songs were very classical orientated. I didn’t know who I wanted to use. Then I heard a record which blew me away. It’s called Space Oddity,” he said. John told the crowd that his next song was dedicated to ‘the Starman himself’ before he launched into an instrumental of the hit. He then seamlessly segued into Rocketman, creating a mash-up of the two songs, which have similar themes. The singer later told the crowd: “We are know how inspiring he is. We all know that his music stands.