The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones are looking to add another country to the list of those they’ve played with a rumored date in Havana, Cuba.

Billboard is reporting that the first news of the concert broke on a Cuban news Facebook page and was later reported by the official newspaper, Granma, who ran a lengthy article on the group, and Cuba Journal, which said:

Reports indicate that legendary rock band The Rolling Stones will be playing in Havana. The Cuban Music Institute (ICM), through the Cultural News, announced conclusive talks with Rolling Stones about a concert in Havana in March.

Noticiero explained that officals are working on organizational aspects of the show to be held at Havana’s Sports City. There is no official confirmation from the Rolling Stones.

The paper went on to say that, while Jagger was supposedly in Cuba last October on a “private visit”, sources say he was scouting locations for a possible appearance.

If everything comes together, it is expected that the show will take place the week of Easter.