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Steven Adler

Steven Adler

The Whiskey a Go Go is either announcing a big show or laying the groundwork for the first April Fools joke of 2016.

Former Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler was scheduled to play a gig at the venue on April 1 but, on Monday, the venue announced that the show had been cancelled an hinted a big announcement, tagging it with the Guns N’ Roses name.
Speculation is that the reunited Guns N’ Roses will play a warm-up show at the 500 seat club; however, there are two big questions. The first is, obviously, it’s an April Fools Day show. Now, unless Adler outright cancelled the date, it’s doubtful that the venue is going to make a cancellation announcement and risk revenue just for a joke.

The second is that Adler has not been part of the lineup for the GNR reunion, at least so far, so did he just graciously step aside to let his former bandmates take the date? Is he playing with them for this one gig?

There’s nothing from either Adler or Guns N’ Roses on their sites or social media.