Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper is planning on putting the old band back together to record their first album in 43 years.

Alice Cooper was a band until the 1973 ‘Muscle Of Love’ album after which Alice continued the name as a solo act from 1975’s ‘Welcome To My Nightmare’ and on.

In moving forward Cooper says he wants to go back to creating the greatness of ‘Killer’ when Alice Cooper was a band. “I’ve always liked the idea that Alice Cooper has always been a Detroit rock band. We’ve always been a hard rock band, guitar rock, and I’ll never give that up,” Cooper told The Weekender. “But every once in awhile, though, there’s just a flavor of what album do we want to go to here to give it that flavor. And it seems to be going toward the ‘Killer’ album. And I kind of go, that album, let’s revisit the sound of that album and what we were kind of thinking. You can never go back and totally recapture it, but you can certainly look at the elements that made that album work the way it did.”

Original members Michael Bruce (guitar), Dennis Dunaway (bass) and Neal Smith (drums) are in for the project. Lead guitarist Glen Buxton died in 1997 from pneumonia at age 49.

Work on a new Alice Cooper Band album has begun “I wrote three or four songs with Neil Smith and Mike Bruce,” Cooper said. “And so we worked together in Phoenix for about two weeks just writing songs and demoing songs. And you never know which ones are going to make the album, but I said let’s do that.

“Dennis Dunaway wrote two or three things,” Alice told The Weekender. “We haven’t seen those yet, but I know Dennis has always written great stuff. It’s fun to go back and work with guys you haven’t worked with in awhile. It’s not trying to recapture your youth. It’s trying to recapture a sound. And it’s a very elusive sound.”

The Alice Cooper Band released their first album ‘Pretties For You’ in 1969. They released seven albums to 1973 including ‘Easy Action’ (1970), ‘Love It To Death’ (1971), ‘Killer’ (1971), ‘Schools Out’ (1972), Billion Dollar Babies’ (1973) and ‘Muscle of Love’ 1973.