Brian May has taken to the blog on his official website to say he is not happy with Donald Trump using the Queen track We Are the Champions.

According to May, he has received a long list of complaints from fans about Trump’s use of the song at his victory speech on Tuesday night. As he feels the band would never want Trump to use the song, and because permission was “neither sought nor given”, he is looking into what has to be done to stop the presumptive Republican nominee from any further use of Queen music.

May also stated that it is against the band’s policy for any of their music to be used in a political way. “Our music embodies our own dreams and beliefs, but it is for all who care to listen and enjoy.”

For a number of years, many artists have objected and taken steps to stop politicians from using their music at rallies or in advertising, usually citing conflicting political beliefs. Many have been successful but it is questionable whether Trump will follow their requests.

Recently, Neil Young objected to Trump’s use of his Rockin’ in the Free World; however, he took a more pragmatic approach saying that, as long as the Trump campaign has the proper licenses and are paying the royalties for the song, there is not a lot that he can do.