alice-cooper Alice Cooper has launched simultaneous campaigns to become Prime Minister of the UK and President of the USA. The website outlines the rocker’s unique manifesto, which includes “adding Lemmy to Mt Rushmore” and putting Peter Sellers on the £20 note. Check out the full eight-point manifesto below. 1. Getting Brian Johnson back in AC/DC 2. A snake in every pot 3. No more pencils, no more books 4. Adding Lemmy to Mt Rushmore 5. Rename Big Ben “Big Lemmy” 6. Groucho Marx on the $50 bill 7. Peter Sellers on the £20 note 8. Cupholders required for every airplane seat 9. Ban on talking during movies in movie theatres 10. Ban on taking selfies, except on a designated National Selfie Day The press release also outlined Cooper’s official stance as follows:“Alice Cooper is tired of the rhetoric, the mudslinging, the media frenzy. Keeping his snake in his cage and the guillotine in storage, he is putting people before career. Alice Cooper wants to be elected.” To accompany the campaign, Alice Cooper has recorded a new version of his classic track ‘Elected’, which originally came out in 1972.