Guns N' Roses

On the list of things you really don’t want to be telling customs officials, “it wasn’t my gun” ranks pretty high. Yet that’s how Axl Rose shrugged off an incident this weekend when Guns N’ Roses were detained on entering Canada due to firearm possession.

Rose told the audience during the band’s gig at Toronto’s Rogers Centre that “we weren’t exactly arrested. We were detained.”

The group had been travelling to Toronto from Philadelphia, before being stopped by customs. Rose added: “They were very nice, they were very understanding. You know, it happens: You can forget you have a fucking gun. Wasn’t my gun.”

A spokesperson for Guns N’ Roses said the gun did not belong to any member of the band.

They are not the only band to have run into trouble with customs officials this week. Red Hot Chili Peppers were detained for the rather less serious issue of having to sign autographs for the border agents.

Guns N’ Roses will continue their North American tour, before heading to Brazil for dates in November.