Bruce Springsteen has announced a compilation album to serve as an audio companion to his forthcoming autobiography, Born to Run. Chapter and Verse will be released on 23 September on Columbia, four days before Simon & Schuster publishes the book.

Springsteen selected the songs to fit the themes and sections of the book, and the album will be of interest to fans because it features five previously unreleased songs, including material from his pre-fame groups, the Castiles, Steel Mill and the Bruce Springsteen Band.
The Castiles, Springsteen’s teenage band, offer two tracks – Baby I, written by Springsteen and bandmate George Theiss, which was recorded in May 1966, and a version of Wille Dixon’s You Can’t Judge a Book by the Cover, recorded in September 1967. Steel Mill are represented by He’s Guilty (The Judge Song), from February 1970. The Bruce Springsteen Band contribute The Ballad of Jesse James, recorded in March 1972. The fifth unreleased track is Henry Boy, a Springsteen solo track.

All the other tracks have previously been released. An early version of Growin’ Up appeared on Tracks, while the other 12 songs are all from his studio albums.