Remember back in 2014 when half the world was excited about getting a free U2 album and the other half were trying to figure out how to get it off their iPhone.
Well, at the time, we were told that Songs of Innocence would be followed by Songs of Experience sometime in the first half of 2015…and we’re still waiting.

According to Billboard, author Xavier Balart, who wrote the book U2 En Espana, recently had the chance to talk to band members at a wedding in Barcelona. Bono told the writer that Songs of Experience is not finished but, sounding like a certain presidential candidate, “you will like it.”

He went on to say that, lyrically, the album is stronger than their 1983 set War; however, the author also talked to Irish musician and close U2 friend Gavin Friday who said of Bono’s declaration “Really? Mmmmm … .no … .I do not think so”

Also don’t look for many further dates in their iNNOCENSE + eXPERIENCE Tour until next year, either, although they admit there might be a date or two before the end of the year such as the iHeartMusic Festival.