Keith Richards

Keith Richards

This September, BBC Four once again takes a bold and innovative approach by inviting Keith Richards to curate an entire weekend of programming.

Keith Richards’ Lost Weekend will take viewers on a rock ‘n’ roll mystery ride from dusk till dawn on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night later this month. He will hand-pick all the shows and will feature between them across each night in a specially-filmed in-depth interview, making this an extraordinary televisual journey.

Filmed and compiled by acclaimed director, Julien Temple, Keith will be on-screen between each of the programmes taking viewers through the night with him, giving a fascinating insight into his life philosophy, legacy, world views and so much more, and talking about his choices which include movies, documentaries, comedy shows, cartoons, music performances and clips, old ads, moving stars and random night-related imagery.

His selections include films such as Alfred Hitchcock’s The 39 Steps, The Man Who Would Be King starring Sean Connery and Michael Caine, 1948 Italian classic Bicycle Thieves, a 1947 film noir Out of the Past directed by Jacques Tourneur, and macabre horror movies The Sorcerers and I Walked with a Zombie. Plus there will be archive treats featuring Johnny Cash, Jimi Hendrix with Keith, and never seen before archive of the Rolling Stones.

There will also be Julien Temple’s new 75 minutes long Director’s Cut of Keith Richards – The Origin of the Species which aired on BBC Two in July. Just like a pirate broadcast, the full schedule from 7pm to 4am won’t be released in advance. With Keith taking back the reigns, viewers will discover most of his choices only when he introduces them…

Keith Richards said: “No one has taken over a TV channel before. Let’s see how it flies!”