The final 11 seconds of a previously unreleased Michael Hutchence song called Kik It have been released online.

The song will be the first single from the 15 previously unheard tracks Hutchence recorded shortly before he died that are set to be put out next year by Sydney businessman Ron Creevey and LA producer Danny Saber.
“He [Hutchence] named it and this was his favourite song. Kik It is very rock,” Creevey said.

“It’s going to be the first single. We’re still playing around with it and will release it between November and January.”
Creevey said the documentary he is producing about Hutchence’s life would be finished by November.

“We’re nearly done, we’ve already filmed in four different countries,” he said “We’ll release it next year”.

The film includes shots of the piano Hutchence played on during the band’s massive concert at Wembley Stadium in 1991 and guitars of his that were in Zurich and still bear Hutchence’s luggage tags.

Creevey says they’ve also assembled some big names as talking heads for the documentary along with people who were working with Hutchence before he died.

“By the time I’m finished, from an Australian perspective, I’ll probably have the core of artists from that era talking about the impact he had on their life and the inspiration he had on them,” he said. “When it comes to international artists they’re as big as it gets.”

It will be released as a celebration of Hutchence’s life next year as it will be 20 years since his death.

“This is a story about how Michael lived and still everything I ever hear … relates to how Michael died,” Creevey said.

Meanwhile, INXS manager Chris “CM” Murphy also revealed he was making a documentary on Hutchence’s life, announcing it a week after Creevey revealed his.

Murphy is planning an onslaught of INXS projects over the next few years, including an INXS musical and an exhibition of the band’s archives, in a deal between his company Petrol Records and Universal Music Group.

Murphy was also involved in the creation of the Network Seven miniseries about INXS, Never Tear US Apart.
Creevey says his documentary and the music will be released for the benefit of Hutchence’s daughter, Tiger Lily, who he says has seen some of the footage already.

“It’s footage of Michael enjoying himself, Tiger enjoying herself when they’re young,” he said.

Creevey said he was flying to London next week to meet Tiger Lily and present her with some things that belonged to Hutchence.

The Kik It snippet can be heard on Creevey’s Facebook page but he won’t be releasing the final version for a few months.

“It’s taken six months just to get this song right but it’s been incredible,” he said.