‘The Tale of Two Imaginary Boys’, the biography of Lol Tolhurst of The Cure, is described as a coming of age story in Thatcher’s Britain.

The story of The Cure dates back to when Tolhurst and his friend Robert Smith were still small children. “On a damp September morning in 1964, my mother threw Robert Smith and me together. A bus had been arranged to take children from the outlying areas to St. Francis of Assisi School in Crawley. On our first day of school, Robert and I stood at the designated stop at Hevers Avenue with our mothers, and that’s when we met for the very first time. We were five years old.”

14 years later The Cure would be born, founded on a childhood friendship.

‘Cured’ documents the origins of one of the greatest bands of the rock era from an insider’s perspective.

Lol Tolhurst describes Robert Smith as “a deeply rebellious, sensitive, tough, and often surprisingly “normal” young man, from the start destined for stardom, a fearless nonconformist, and provocateur who soon found his own musical language through which to express his considerable and unique talent”.

‘The Tale of Two Imaginary Boys’ by Lol Tolhurst will be published by Hachette in October.