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Earlier this year, Billy Corgan was busy making plans for a reunion of the classic Smashing Pumpkins lineup. Clearly things were getting a bit too settled in the world of one of rock’s more confrontational figures, because now he has employed m’learned friends to take action against a wrestling company. The one he’s president of.

According to TMZ, Corgan is suing TNA Wrestling and has filed a restraining order against its owner, Dixie Carter. Carter’s husband, Serg Salias, is also named as a defendant. The restraining order has been granted.

Corgan originally joined TNA in April 2015 as senior producer of creative and talent development, describing the move as “a dream come true”. What his lawsuit is about is unclear: Corgan has requested the lawsuit – filed in Nashville – be sealed, so no details have emerged.

However, the wrestling site notes that Corgan has been investing in the company over the past few months. He has publicly stated that he has funded the TV recordings of three rounds of TNA Impact Wrestling. PWInsider said he had described those deals “as last-minute agreements where the ‘ink was drying’ as talents were heading to the ring”.

The site also says Corgan had been in negotiations to buy the entire company. “Enough air has gone out of the balloon,” he said last month. “It’s time to put air back in the balloon and let this thing be what it can be.”