Phil Collins is having a bench installed along England’s south coast in his father’s memory, after losing his ashes years ago.

The Genesis legend reveals Greville Collins was cremated after his passing, but due to a miscommunication between the rocker’s older brother Clive and his mother June, his remains were never collected.

Phil recalled on U.S. talk show The View, “It’s kinda funny. My dad died… and he died on the south coast where my brother lived, and he was cremated. After the cremation, my brother thought that my mother was going to pick the ashes up, and my mother thought my brother was going to pick the ashes up. So no one picked the ashes up, and we don’t know where he is now!”

The drummer admits his relatives only realised their mistake long after the cremation, when Phil decided to have a little memorial set up with his ashes.

“You can laugh about it because that’s black (dark) English humour, but it happened,” he smiled. “I wanted to put a little stone there, where it (his ashes) was, and my brother went and did a little research and went, ‘Oh my god, no one ever picked him up!’ So I don’t know where he is now. He’s probably fertiliser in someone’s garden!”

Instead, the In The Air Tonight star, 65, has since chosen to honour his dad with a special bench.

Phil did not reveal the location of the tribute, but explained, “We’ve got a bench for him on the river, it’s being installed now, with a little plaque, so it’s a good end.”