The Glamour Women of the Year Awards gala marked a very special night out for Bono and his wife Ali Hewson – it fell on the 40th anniversary of their first date.

The U2 frontman became the first man to receive a Glamour Women of the Year award at the event in Los Angeles, and told news show Extra he had two big reasons to celebrate.

The couple, married for 36 years, first became an item on 14 November, 1976.

“We were teenagers, went to the same school, high school, it just so happens it was this night, this afternoon, I walked her to her bus,” Bono said. “Isn’t that mad?”

And his wife, who accompanied the rocker to the Glamour gala, admitted she’s still smitten with her man, insisting he truly deserved the landmark Women of the Year award.

“I like a bit of woman in my man,” she told Extra. “The only men you can respect are the ones who fight for women, like them enough to fight for women.”

Bono confessed he was thrilled to pick up the historic award, joking, “I couldn’t find the humility in me to turn it down!”

The Irish rock star also used the event to comment about last week’s (ends11Nov16) stunning U.S. election verdict, suggesting the whole process was dirty, unsavoury, and worse than an R-rated movie: “It was an NC-17 situation…,” he explained. “An election that was not fit for children.”

He’s not the only overseas rocker weighing in on Donald Trump’s upset victory – Rolling Stones star Charlie Watts has also offered up his thoughts about America’s new leader, telling Rolling Stone magazine he hopes the new President-elect will not be as radical as some critics fear he’ll be.

“I don’t think he’s gonna be as radical as he was coming into it (election),” the drummer says. “I think a lot of what he said is gonna be tempered down, because if it isn’t, it’s gonna be a hell of b**ody ride for four years.”