Anthony Kiedis

Anthony Kiedis has torn a tendon in his ankle after “spinning around” while performing.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman has been beset with injuries and illnesses over recent months, such as coming down with the flu in December (16), leading to the group cancelling dates in Dublin, Ireland.

However, Anthony insists in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada that he has come to accept these ailments as part of his job.

“I’m always getting banged up, and hurt, and repairing, and recovering, and hurting, and it’s just normal,” he told the outlet. “At the moment, I have a torn tendon in my ankle from spinning around night after night, but it’ll heal.”

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are currently on tour supporting last year’s album The Getaway, and played a gig in Detroit recently. Anthony was as effervescent as ever as he took to the stage, but the 54-year-old added that he still suffers from nerves before performances – despite having been a musician since his schooldays.

“I’d be a little bit lost without the nerves,” he laughed. “I’d want to be borderline ready to throw up from nerves, and then I’m ready to go.”

Kiedis, who has son Everly Bear, nine, from his romance with model Heather Christie, also spoke about his relationship history. The rocker has been linked to many women over the years, including Heidi Klum and Jessica Stam, and admits that he sometimes sends raunchy texts to the wrong love interest.

“I’m the worst at that, like not horribly inappropriate, not the biggest faux pas you can make, like send a nude to the wrong person or whatever,” he smiled.

“But I frequently, I’ll accidentally send a ‘Blah blah blah I love you’ to the wrong person that I was talking to an hour ago, that just happens to be next to (the other person). They’ll write back, ‘Oh my gosh I love you too!’ Then I’m like, what do I even say at this point?”