Incubus’ eighth studio album is simply titled 8, and they continue to premiere new material from the forthcoming LP. Today (March 17), the band released a track called “Glitterbomb,” an emotional rock track with anguished lyrics about betrayal. “Glitterbomb” and the first single “Nimble Bastard” serve to preview the dark, introspective places the band could go on 8.

“We live in dark times, my friend,” Brandon Boyd told “So what we’re doing as artists is acting as a mirror to culture here and there and hopefully offering little glimmers of hope through the joy in music we all have.”

Incubus also debuted a track list from the upcoming album:

01 – “No Fun”
02 – “Nimble Bastard”
03 – “State Of The Art”
04 – “Glitterbomb”
05 – “Undefeated”
06 – “Loneliest”
07 – “When I Became A Man”
08 – “Familiar Faces”
09 – “Love In A Time Of Surveillance”
10 – “Make No Sound In The Digital Forest”
11 – “Throw Out The Map”