Liam Gallagher

Forget Donald Trump: when it comes to petty trolling, Liam Gallagher still takes some beating. Especially when it comes to winding up his big brother Noel.

The former Oasis singer is about to embark on a solo tour and has promised fans he will open the shows with Don’t Look Back in Anger, and close them with Rocking Chair. Both are Oasis songs not just penned by Noel but sung by him too. “About time they were done proper,” Liam noted on Twitter.

He added: “To all you NG fanboys, I can and will sing any song he wrote bigger and better than him even if I was kicked in the bollox by a wood pigeon.”
In a dig at his brother’s supposed inability to keep it real, Liam also wrote: “See the fake bombing about in his stone island again coz he’s in [Manchester] he’ll be back in his Prada 1st thing tomorrow.”

The insults were hurled as Liam revealed that his debut solo single will be called Not for Sale. It will be taken from the album As You Were, which he has described as “not Pink Floyd and it ain’t Radiohead. It’s chin-out music.”

Despite claiming he would never embark on a solo career, Liam Gallagher signed a deal with Warner in August 2016 to do just that. He currently has dates booked in July to perform at Benicassim in Spain and Lollapalooza in Paris.