Paul Weller

Boy George will perform with Paul Weller for the very first time on Weller’s upcoming album ‘A Kind of Revolution’.

‘A Kind of Revolution’ is the 13th solo album for Weller and marks the 40th anniversary of his debut with The Jam ‘In The City’ in 1977.

The Boy George track ‘One Tear’ is described as funky.

Weller has a variety of guests in on the record including Josh McClorey of The Strypes back for three tracks, legendary singers Madeleine Bell and PP Arnold on the opening track ‘Woo Sé Mama’ and Robert Wyatt (out of retirement) for the song ‘She Moves With The Fayre’.

Written and recorded at de facto HQ Black Barn Studios in Surrey, UK, A Kind Revolution was produced and arranged by Jan ‘Stan’ Kybert and Paul himself.

The album is released on CD, Standard & Deluxe Downloads and is available to Stream. Bonus tracks include full album instrumentals, plus alternate versions and remixes. For full details see

1. Woo Sé Mama
2. Nova
3. Long Long Road
4. She Moves With The Fayre
5. The Cranes Are Back
6. Hopper
7. New York
8. One Tear
9. Satellite Kid
10. The Impossible Idea