Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert has confessed to NME that singing with Led Zeppelin would be a dream come true.

Lambert, who is regularly rocking as part of Queen replacing legend Freddie Mercury, revealed the desire to NME when he was asked what other bands he has dreamed of fronting. He answered: “I’ve got the full fantasy so I don’t know if I would even attempt to do another.

Lambert added: “I don’t know, that’s a big question, I mean I would love to sing some Led Zeppelin.”

The American Idol winner also talked about what to expect from Queen’s upcoming UK and European tour saying that the group were inspired by their classic album ‘News Of The World’.

“Well I mean the particulars aren’t quite all ironed out yet, we still have quite a lot creative conceptual conversations,” Lambert told NME. “The one thing that is moving forward is definitely the look of the stage. That’s been reinvented but it’s all sort of evolving as we speak. We were emailing back and forth about how to reinvent the setlist and do it different ways from what we’ve gotten used to doing, and I think its just important.

“We have fans that have come and seen us more than once and many of them that have been around the last four or five years. So it’s important to not feel like were just repeating ourselves, even though we’re gonna still perform the same massive hits that Queen is so well know for. We’re trying to put in different context and give different visuals or companions to them. Its going to be fun, I’m excited for the challenge of tweaking the whole show and making it feel new.”
Adam Lambert with Brian May of Queen

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Queen’s classic album ‘News Of The World’ which gave us the rock staples such as ‘We Will Rock You’ and ‘We Are The Champions’.