Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher might be going solo, but that doesn’t mean he’s, er, going solo. The former Oasis frontman has teamed up with Adele producer Greg Kurstin because, he says, he struggles writing big choruses.
“It is what it is, mate,” he told the Evening Standard. “I didn’t write Live Forever but as soon as I sang it, I made it my own. I class myself as a rock’n’roll singer who writes the odd tune now and again. And that is it. I’m not going out saying I’m Bob Dylan.”

Gallagher is due to release his debut solo album As You Were later this year, with a single preceding it called Not for Sale. But in a rare display of modesty, he admitted he was “limited” as a songwriter and needed help. “Ideally, you want to do it yourself,” he said. “But I can’t write those fucking big songs. I’m limited. My verses are up there, but I just can’t do that next bit.”

Kurstin shouldn’t have much problem with those next bits. He co-wrote Adele’s comeback single Hello, which sold more than 7m copies in the US alone and won three Grammy awards. He has also worked with Kelly Clarkson, the Shins, Sia, Lily Allen and Beck, and is reported to be working on the next Paul McCartney album.