Kelly Jones

Absolute Radio host Pete Donaldson caught up with the Stereophonics ahead of their performance at Kendal Calling last night.

Having been around for over 25 years, the band have got a lot of tips on how to write great music and hotel rooms are one of their sources of inspiration. Kelly says that hotels can either be a man’s best friend or worst enemy, which he finds is great for the music process.

When asked who they would like to perform most with, they were quick to say The Charlatans. The bands built up a mutual respect for each other when touring around America together. Brian Wilson from The Beach Boys was also mentioned, but Kelly is nervous he couldn’t compete with him vocally.

Lastly, the band praised Kelly for keeping them on track when it comes to making music. They said he is constantly working, while the rest of them spend time in their gardens. Kelly attributes this to his expensive London home, claiming it will take him longer to have the cash to spend on his garden.

Kelly on the writing process…
You’d be surprised what a jet lagged room in China can do to you, hotels are kind of like that. They can be a man’s best friend or they can send you around the bend you know. I think it’s great for the music.

Kelly on who they’d love to perform with…
We toured America with the Charlatans. They’re a great band. Wouldn’t have minded playing with them actually.
Brian Wilson would test us all vocally. I’d be a bit frightened about doing that one actually. You wouldn’t know which way that was gonna go, would you?

The band on Kelly’s work ethic…
Adam: The truth of the matter is that it’s Kelly who’s constantly working. The rest of us are doing our gardening most of the time.

Kelly: I’m the only stupid one that still lives in London so, it takes a lot more to get that garden.