Cher loves the modern day mix of pop, rap and country in music. The 71-year-old rose to fame as one half of pop duo Sonny and Cher, alongside her then-husband Sonny Bono, with the pair releasing hit tracks like I Got You Babe and even starring in their own TV show.

Cher has reinvented her sound numerous times over the years, and has so far brought out 25 studio albums, though she admits she can see major differences in today’s music stars compared to when she started out in the ‘60s.

“Young stars seem to be a lot more polished than they used to be,” she said to British Vogue. “But there are a lot more sounds available these days to work with, and wonderful fusions between pop, rap and country.”

As well as a music career, Cher has also enjoyed success as an actress, and even won an Oscar for her role in 1988 romantic comedy Moonstruck.

She was also nominated for her role in Silkwood, though looking back, Cher can see how some of her appearances at the Academy Awards were overshadowed by her wardrobe choices.

“I knew some people in the Academy didn’t think that I was a serious actress. I always felt a bit sad that I presented Don Ameche with his Best Supporting Actor award (for Cocoon) in that outfit. It seemed to make him a little nervous,” she said of the infamous beaded Bob Mackie two-piece with dramatic plumed headdress that she wore to the 1986 Oscars.