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Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop would rather live a shorter life than “sit around” until he’s 90 years old.

The 70-year-old rocker continues to be one of the busiest men in the music industry, performing energetic shows and releasing his eighteenth solo record Post Pop Depression in 2016.

In an interview with chef Anthony Bourdain for Britain’s GQ magazine, Iggy insisted he’d rather make the most of every minute than lead a quiet existence for several more decades, explaining, “I’ve actually decided to have a shorter life. I don’t really want to sit around till I’m 90.”

When Anthony asked the musician if he’s able to slow down, the Lust for Life singer sighed, “I’m a little worried about that. There was a time when I wanted to get out of the Western world. I went down to Grenada and looked at a place, and I realised that if I lived in a Grenadian manner I’d be nothing but a blah. I’m going to need constant bodyguarding, guns and money to join the community there. Otherwise you just got a bunch of fat, old white people dying together, overeating, drinking. Not very attractive.”

Iggy added that keeping active helps him feel content, though he now has a voice in his head telling him to “take it easy”.

The musician also shared his outlook on love after Anthony quizzed him on whether it’s “possible”.

Iggy has been married three times, most recently to current wife Nina Alu, and has son Eric Benson, born in 1970, with Paulette Benson.

“My answer would be part-time only, not full-time,” he mused of love. “Because what happens is everything that goes with our freakiness – the egomania, the w**ring, the unreasonable focus on one’s self and one’s own tiny problems of articulation and style and all this c**p – will eventually, if it doesn’t eat the other person, cause an atrophy of that other person.”