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Bruce Springsteen

He was born in the USA, but Bruce Springsteen spent his most formative years in one very specific house in New Jersey – and now it can be yours for just $269,900.

The 736-square-foot multi-family home, which is located at 39 Institute St in Freehold, New Jersey and visible on Zillow, housed the Springsteens from 1955-1962 as Bruce grew from a six-year-old kid into a 19-year-old wannabe rockstar.

It was also the house in which – aged seven – he saw Elvis Presley’s 1956 appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, a formative experience that gave him the dream to be a rock star.

Springsteen, 68, has gone to bigger places since, of course, but remains famously proud of his working-class past, and posed at the house for a photo shoot that was used on the Born in the USA tourbook and album inlay in 1984.

He later used photos of himself at the humble home on the cover of the 1985 single My Hometown, and on his autobiography, Born to Run.