Rod Stewart punishes his daughters for failing to clean up after their dogs by putting their pets’ mess in their cars.

The Maggie May rocker, 73, has a reputation as a strict parent, and his wife Penny Lancaster, 46, said the star has devised an unusual punishment for his dog-loving kids.

“If the girls bring their dogs into the house and they don’t clean up after them, he has been known to put the poo under their car seats,” Penny revealed to Britain’s Mail on Sunday newspaper.

And she added that it’s not just the rocker’s younger adult daughters Kimberly, 38, Ruby, 30, and Renee, 25, who feel Rod’s wrath if they fail to live up to his demanding standards, as he’s also strict with their sons Aiden and Alastair.

“Rod obsesses about keeping the house in order,” she explained. “The boys have an Xbox room on which he has put a lock and a cardboard sign which will say things like, ‘No entry. You left the lights on’ or ‘You’ve been rude to Mummy.'”

The rock superstar appears to have adapted his punishments since his elder daughters have moved away from home, as Kimberly previously revealed that when she was younger he had placed dog poo on her pillows as a similar punishment for failing to clean up her pet’s poop.

Penny said her husband, a father of eight, has mellowed since his 1960s and ’70s heyday, and now prefers a cosy night at home to a wild night out.

“The truth is I’m a very traditional woman and Rod – despite everything people may think – is a very traditional man,” she confessed. “It’s true he absolutely loves glamour and he hasn’t got a conventional job, but performing aside, he’s happiest at home with his kids around him, or lounging in front of the fire watching a war documentary like D-Day Remembered.”

Penny said she’s glad to have met Rod after he’d matured, as she explained, “I got the best of Rod. And I am fully aware that even though I love listening to his stories of the crazy days, no relationship could really last then.”