Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl’s first ever band are reissuing their debut album. The 49-year-old Nirvana drummer was part of the rock band Scream from 1981 to 1990 and in 2009 the band reformed, and now their 1988 album ‘No More Censorship’ is set to be rereleased this April.

Scream vocalist Peter Stahl said in a press statement: “This record was written and recorded during Reagan’s presidency.

“US foreign policy was being disruptive in Central and Latin America, Iran-Contra… Art and music was being censored.

“Ed Meese, Ronald’s Attorney General was appointed to do a report on the effect of pornography on society.

“Hearings were held in Congress about lyrics and albums, and warnings were placed on album covers.

“One bitter example being Dead Kennedys, who were taken to court over the Frankenchirst album’s Geiger poster.

“SCREAM raised money to help in the Dead Kennedys court battle, and more widely participated in benefits to raise money to fight this oppression.

“So much of what was going on then is still so relevant today. History repeats.”

The album was originally reissued as a Record Store Day Black Friday exclusive last year, NME report, but now, the new retitled copy ‘NMC17’ will be pressed to silver vinyl and will include photos, lyrics, poetry and personal writings from the Grohl era of the band.