Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan often wrote songs about booze – and now he’ll be peddling some of his own brew.

The 76-year-old Nobel laureate, whose songs in his 13 album “Bootleg Series” include the titles “Moonshine” and “Copper Kettle,” says he will debut a line of whiskeys next month.

“You don’t always find inspiration,” he said in a statement to The Guardian. “Sometimes it finds you. We wanted to create a collection of American whiskeys that would each tell a story.”

Dylan is partnering with liquor entrepreneur Marc Bushala, and their distillery will be located in a former church in Tennessee.

“Heaven’s Door Spirits” – apparently named for Dylan’s iconic 1973 song, “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” – will manufacture bourbon, a double barrel whiskey and a straight rye.

Bushala said it isn’t a vanity project for the rocker.

“He didn’t sell out,” Bushala said. “This is his brand, and it’s his idea. We just helped him do what he wanted to do. Bob does not want to be face man of the brand and he does not want the packaging to scream ‘Dylan.’”

Dylan’s famous signature will be on the reverse side of the label, making it visible only when the contents have been swilled.

“He was willing to do that, but he’s not going to appearances or bottle signings. He didn’t even pick up his Nobel prize, so he’s not going to go out touting this,” said Bushala.

“And that’s great because it’s authentic for Dylan and authentic for the brand.”