Back in 2006, Radiohead embarked on a tour to test out material for what would become their landmark 2007 LP, In Rainbows. On June 24th, the band was preparing for its second night at Berkley, California’s Greek Theatre when during soundcheck, they played a song that has come to be known as “Come to Your Senses”. That composition has never been heard or released since, falling into legend. A bootlegger named Hoserama posted a one-minute snippet of the performance online, and that was all fans ever heard of the mythical track. Until now.

As Reddit points out, Hoserama has now uploaded the entire recording of “Come to Your Senses” for the very first time to mark the 12th anniversary of the performance (via Stereogum). The audio is crystal clear — including bits of Thom Yorke talking to the sound guy — and the song sounds like nothing else Radiohead has ever written. The acoustic guitar is straight up country, with the entire first two minutes of the nearly seven-minute song sounding like a dark folk stroller. Take a listen to the legendary performance below.