Green Day

After rehearsing Dookie front to back earlier this week, Green Day continue to tease fans with another all-time classic. The band took to Instagram to reveal that they played Insomnia in full during rehearsal time.

The internet erupted when Green Day drummer Tre Cool cryptically posted on the ‘gram Dookie’s tracklist with the caption, “fun band practice – swipe to see the set list we played today.”

Yesterday, bassist Mike Dirnt followed Cool’s footsteps and asked fans to swipe to see the setlist the band played yesterday. Low and behold, it was the band’s 1995 classic Insomniac. The album featured deep-cut bangers such as “Brain Stew,” “Panic Song” and “Geek Stink Breath.”
So what does this mean for Green Day fans? We aren’t entirely sure, but we can guarantee these kind of antics will provide you with restlessness, anticipation and lots of crying.

One of the most common theories is a back-to-back full-album tour. Fans speculate that Green Day, in lieu of the 25th anniversary of Dookie, intend to play their early Reprise Records releases.