Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher has shot down reports suggesting Oasis are planning a reunion gig at Ireland’s Slane Castle.

Danis Desmond, the head of promoters MCD, was recently asked about his plans for Slane gigs in 2019 and confessed he would be making a lucrative offer to Liam and his estranged brother Noel to get their band back together.

“They’ve played Slane with R.E.M, there’s always an offer on the table, and they know it,” Desmond told “It goes up every week, and they know that as well.”

The news sparked interest among Oasis fans, who reached out to Liam on social media to find out if he and his brother were considering a Slane Castle supergig.

“No deal no table but like I’ve said before I’m ready to go (sic),” he responded.

Oasis supported R.E.M at Slane Castle in 1995 and headlined in June, 2009, months before the group split after an altercation between Liam and Noel backstage at a gig in Europe.

Liam has spent much of this year trying to encourage his brother to put their differences aside and reunite Oasis.

In July (18), he tweeted: “let’s get the BIG O back together and stop f**king about…”

Noel, who currently touring with High Flying Birds, didn’t respond.

Earlier this year, he spoke to the Irish Sunday Independent about his decision to leave Oasis almost a decade ago.

“I had had it,” he said. “I sat in the car for five minutes. There was silence until my security guard’s walkie-talkie was crackling and he said, ‘Are we staying or going?’ And I said, ‘We’re going’. Once I had said those words, I thought, ‘That’s it…’ but, you know, I felt I had done enough. I felt that I, personally, had done enough.

“It is easy to sit there and pick up the cheque, travel in separate aeroplanes, separate dressing rooms, go onstage at opposite sides of the venue, and do the gig. 90 per cent of those big bands do it. U2 don’t do it because they are big f**king mates.”