Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell’s widow is suing the rocker’s doctor, accusing him of prescribing the singer pills he knew could kill him.

Vicky Cornell claims the anti-anxiety drugs Dr. Robert Koblin prescribed altered Chris’ mindset so much on the night he died he took his own life, and she is suing the medic for malpractice.

In new documents obtained by TMZ, she alleges the doctor prescribed 940 doses of anti-anxiety drug Lorazepam (aka Ativan) as well as Oxycodone during the final months of her husband’s life, without even examining the Soundgarden singer or performing lab studies to determine if “addiction-prone” Chris was in danger.

Her suit claims that Chris’ therapist for his substance abuse referred him to Dr. Koblin in 2004, so Vicky maintains the medic should have known his patient was at risk, but never warned her husband about the dangers of suicide.

In her lawsuit, the widow alleges Lorazepam increases the risk of suicide in addiction-prone individuals by impairing judgment and rational thinking. It also diminishes impulse control.

Vicky and her two children are suing for unspecified damages.

Cornell’s widow previously revealed she spoke to her husband on the phone hours before he took his life in a Detroit, Michigan hotel room after a Soundgarden show in the city. She believes he became depressed and suicidal after mixing up his prescription medication.

Meanwhile, Chris final hours are to be examined as part of a new episode of hit reality show Autopsy: The Last Hours Of…

TV producers are using forensics to piece together the singer’s last night for Autopsy: The Last Hours Of Chris Cornell.

According to The Pulse Of Radio, a Reelz cable network crew has been spotted recreating Cornell’s final show, hours before his death, at London’s Shepherd’s Bush Hall, which doubles as the Fox Theatre in Detroit, with British actor and singer Paul Ayres as the rocker.

Andrew Shire, Patrick Holly, and Ben Sura have been cast as his Soundgarden bandmates.