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John Mayer


John Mayer reignited rumours of a romance between him and Halsey as he brazenly flirted with the singer on Instagram on Sunday (25Nov18).

The 24-year-old singer shared a video of herself playing the guitar on her social media, captioning it: “This Is Your Brain on Writer’s Block: everything I write today sounds like my myspace song in 2008 or a poorly disguised Beatles rip off. Someone send help.”

Quick to respond, 41-year-old John replied: “I can be over to break your heart in 20?”

However, Halsey’s fans were unsure about a potential coupling between her and John, with many pointing out the age difference between them.

“You’re old enough to be her grandad you creep,” one commented, while another referenced John’s ill-fated relationship with Taylor Swift by quoting her song Dear John and writing: “Dear john don’t you think she is too young to be messed with?”

It’s not the first time Halsey and John have hit headlines with their flirting. Earlier this month, Halsey shared a video of herself and John FaceTiming on her Instagram Stories with the caption, “7am carpool karaoke with John Mayer”.

The singer later shut down rumours of a romance with John, taking to Twitter to insist they’re just friends.

“Just had a ground breaking idea. What if…we let female artists…have friends…without assuming that they are sleeping together (sic)?” she wrote. “I know I know. It’s like, completely ambitious but like, imagine if we like, tried?”

John has previously commented on Halsey’s pictures including one of her dressed as a sexy Poison Ivy for Halloween, one of her wearing a black bodysuit and another of her performing onstage.

The Bad at Love singer opened up about her friendship with John to Billboard in August 2017, explaining that they met in a bar and are now “platonic mates”.