Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne has no plans to retire from touring. The British rocker, who recently turned 70, has assured his fans that he isn’t bidding farewell to live shows just yet, despite the name of his current tour, No More Tours II.

“People have gotten that all wrong,” he told the Pasadena Star-News. “The tour should have been the Ozzy Osbourne ‘Slowing Down Tour’. What I’m actually doing is not going out on January 1 and coming back on December 31. I’ll still tour, but not as extensively like I have been for the last 50 years.”

Ozzy, who is gearing up to celebrate the festive season with his family, including wife Sharon Osbourne, is taking a much-needed longer break from performing, as he joked that he would be “found dead in a hotel room” if he carried on with his punishing schedule.

“I mean, I have grandchildren now and I’m 70 years old and I don’t want to be found dead in a hotel room somewhere. I’m going to do it at a more leisurely pace and do some shows in Vegas… but I’ll never stop,” the former Black Sabbath frontman explained.

And the veteran musician will carry on performing so long as his fans want him to.

“The whole lifestyle I have lived, it has all come down to the fact that there are people who want to hear me and as long as they want to hear me, I’m there,” Ozzy added.

Ozzy is next set to perform in Inglewood, California on New Year’s Eve (31Dec18).