Axl Rose

A new Axl Rose song, the first in 10 years, appears to have debuted on the Looney Tunes TV series.

An episode of New Looney Tunes, which aired in the US on Christmas Day, features a cameo from the rocker in cartoon form, turning up to ask Bugs Bunny and his friends for directions to the Civic Centre, where he’s due to perform with his band, Steel Underpants.

When he’s told a giant asteroid is heading towards Earth, Rose says that his new speakers can “shake mountains to the ground”.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Bugs says, to which Rose jokingly replies: “That I should go back to wearing a mesh jersey and kilt again?”

The cartoon rabbit then suggests he should play his music loud enough to blow up the asteroid, with the Looney Tunes themselves serving as his backing band. They then launch into a song titled “Rock the Rock”.
There is no confirmation whether it’s Rose in the episode or whether he recorded the track featured. A representative for Rose has been contacted for clarification.

Rose’s band, Guns N’ Roses, have proven themselves to be fans of the cartoon in the past, having opened shows on their Not in This Lifetime tour, which spanned from 2016 to 2018, with the Looney Tunes theme.