John Mayer

John Mayer has displayed his “third nipple” during the latest episode of his Instagram talk show.

The singer-songwriter re-launched Current Mood with John Mayer, a 45-minute live programme featuring music, guests, and jokes, on Sunday night (27Jan19).

During the show, John chatted with Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen, and somehow the conversation diverted to the topic of nipples.

“I have three nipples. This is a Current Mood first,” the Free Fallin’ hitmaker said, to which Andy replied: “No, this is a world exclusive!”

John then lifted up his shirt and pointed to his left nipple and the “supernumerary nipple” underneath. But even after touching his pal’s nipple, Andy wasn’t convinced.

“You’re the worst doctor ever! I showed you something with a medical name and you kept going, ‘It might be!'” the star laughed, before the Bravo TV presenter quipped, “I’m no doctor, obviously, but is it a mole of some sort?”

Andy went on to ask if John ever feels “marginalised” as someone with a third nipple, and he explained that he’s “doing alright” and is a “lucky one”.

“Is your third nipple sensitive?” Andy continued, to which John commented, “No, but my first and second aren’t either.”

A supernumerary nipple, which is also called an accessory nipple, are sometimes mistaken for moles. Most third nipples are harmless and do not need any medical intervention.

Yet, John isn’t the only celebrity with the condition. Mark Wahlberg, Harry Styles, Tilda Swinton, and Lily Allen have all spoken about having third nipples, while Carrie Underwood once divulged that she made the decision to have hers removed.