Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart is planning to retire from rock music in order to focus on performing jazz standards and show tunes.

The Maggie May hitmaker, 74, is still out on the road while many of his contemporaries, including Elton John and Ozzy Osbourne, have announced plans to give up touring due to their advancing years.

Although Rod isn’t ready to quit performing altogether, he revealed plans to phase out his trademark tight clothes and raunchy rock hits.

“It’s closer than you think,” he told The Sun of his retirement plans. “I think I’ll always sing but I can’t always do this. There’s got to come a time when I’m going to say, ‘Right, put away the tight trousers and all the funny clothes’.”

The rocker went on to reveal he’s already had discussions about putting together a show in which he sings from the Great American Songbook, the collective term for a host of songs that were popular in the U.S. in the first half of the 20th Century.

“I want to go on and do the Great American Songbook. In fact, I had a meeting about it last week, doing all the jazz standards at the Albert Hall,” he shared. “It’s nearer than you think. But retirement? No. From doing rock ‘n’ roll stuff? Yes.”

His gradual retirement plan contrasts strongly with that of Elton, who is currently on the second leg of his 300-date farewell tour, which Rod previously criticised as a money grabbing exercise.

Although he later apologised to the Tiny Dancer hitmaker, Rod can’t resist another dig at him, adding: “I certainly won’t do 300 dates and then retire. I’ll just fade away like the old soldier I am.”

The pair have been locked in a feud for decades, and there seems to be no chance of a reconciliation, as the former Faces frontman says they’re “not mates” and “don’t talk to each other”.