Alanis Morissette

Alanis Morissette has urged family and friends to help her through postpartum depression if she experiences it for the third time when she becomes a mum again later this year (19).

The singer/songwriter is expecting her third child at 45 and, after experiencing drastic moodswings following the births of her two kids – now aged eight and three – she fears she’s set for another bumpy start to motherhood.

“I had postpartum depression both times, which basically feels like tar had taken over my whole body and I was underwater…,” she tells SELF magazine. “First time around, I didn’t seek help for a year and four months and then second time around, I waited four months.

“This time around I’m not waiting even four minutes, I’m just gonna be like, ‘OK, everybody, even if I say I’m OK, I want you to resist believing me at first’. I’m actually gonna need support and I’m not gonna push it away.”

But the Ironic singer admits she’s enjoying being pregnant again, adding, “I’m one of those women that actually really enjoys being pregnant… Even when I’m just sitting still I feel productive; I’m still building a human being, which still boggles my mind.”

And one of the things that’s keeping her busy is working out a schedule with her son Ever and daughter Onyx, so they don’t feel left out when the new baby arrives.

“(I’m like), ‘How do we integrate this as quickly and smoothly as possible that my two kids really don’t feel like they’re losing their mom’,” she explains. “I’ll still be available for them.”

Alanis revealed her pregnancy news in a black and white Instagram image she posted on 25 March (19), which featured her standing sideways, singing into a microphone and showing off her baby bump.

“So much NEWness…,” she captioned the photo, adding heart and prayer emojis.