Johnny Marr

The 55-year-old musician teamed up with the New Order and Joy Division rocker in the 90s to form alternative dance supergroup Electronic, and has now said he’d love to get back in the studio with Bernard, as well as New Order’s other members Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert.

He said: “I think me and Bernard will probably do something again in the future, Maybe I’d like to rope Stephen Morris in at some point.

“Stephen’s always been one of my favourite musicians – not just because he’s from Manchester, but no one’s ever managed to play like him, before or since. Also, I really rate Gillian too. So maybe I’ll just join New Order … on bass.”

And Marr – who was the guitarist and co-songwriter for The Smiths – went on to reveal that he plays a lot of his former group’s tracks, but enjoys keeping his set like a “movie” that have the songs in a specific order.

He told NME: “I think I play quite a lot of Smiths’ songs. I play enough. If I were to play any more than I play now then it would tip the balance over.

“For me, a set is a little bit like a movie where you get all your scenes in place. Eventually you get them in the right order as what you want to be as perfect.

“Sometimes if you play around too much, as much as I like it, you just change the dynamic.

“The dynamic is right. Adding another Electronic song was the most exciting thing for me to be honest.”

Over the weekend, Marr joined The Killers on stage during their set at Glastonbury Festival, where they played a rendition of hit Smiths song ‘This Charming Man’.