The 1975

New music from The 1975 looks imminent as the band have closed down all of their social media accounts.

Matty Healy and co previously deactivated their profiles on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook before dropping ‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships’ and second record ‘I Love It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It’.

Whilst the ‘Love Me’ hitmakers recently teased what appears to be the artwork for a track called ‘Wake Up!’ from the second of their double album release, ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’.
Matty recently said the band don’t “regret” agreeing to make two albums within a few months of each other.
The ‘Chocolate’ hitmakers released ‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships’ in November 2018 and are planning to drop ‘Notes on a Conditional Form’ sometime this year but they have no qualms about putting out so much music within such a short space of time as they want to “affect culture” as a group.
The 30-year-old singer explained: “No, of course I am not [regretting it]! We’re in that age now where you’ll watch the best thing you’ve ever seen on Netflix, and the you’ll be like, ‘That was the best thing I’ve ever seen.’ And then you just want the next thing immediately.
“And I’m like that with music as well. It feels like, I want to tour for the next two years. And what do you want to do with a band? You want to affect culture … I don’t think you can do that with one record now. You can if you do like, singles. Your Drakes of the world, who are these amazing artist, but they’re very single oriented. That’s about keeping peoples attention for three minutes. That’s not where our forte is, but we want to be as expressive as possible. We make albums, so just gotta make another album.”
Meanwhile, Matty previously revealed he and his bandmates are planning to host their own festival in 2020.
He wrote on Twitter: “If The 1975 & Co. put on their own festival next year, over 3 nights in the UK, whos coming? (sic)”