Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher thinks his personalised Adidas trainers are “too cool” for his brother and rival Noel Gallagher.

The former Oasis rocker teamed up with the sports brand for a limited edition pair of Padiham Spzl trainers featuring a picture of Liam’s face on the tongue, and after the shoes went on sale on Friday (30.08.19), the star took to social media to tease his older brother, saying he isn’t cool enough for the footwear whilst also joking he has small feet.
When asked if Noel had purchased a pair of the trainers, Liam tweeted: “There too cool for him plus we don’t do size 2 (sic)”

Liam’s shoes were on the market for £99.95 from Adidas’ website, and originally sold out within just minutes of going on sale, causing the brand’s website to crash.

When the initial line of the trainers were released, Liam tweeted to his 3.1 million followers: “Thanx to all my SPZL friends I love and adore you that’s SHOEBIZZ. (sic)”

Following the quick sale of the limited edition shoe, several people who were lucky enough to nab a pair posted listings on eBay to re-sell the shoes, with some demanding up to £1,000, 10 times the original retail price.

Responding to a fan who questioned the resellers, Liam wrote: “This is the way of the world though R’kid (sic)”
Meanwhile, the 46-year-old rocker recently hit out at his brother Noel, 52, when he blamed the ‘Holy Mountain’ singer for breaking up Oasis in 2009.

Noel revealed he has been approached about a musical based on the band’s rise to fame, and Liam took to Twitter to offer his alternative storyline for the show, which portrays Noel as the power-mad villain.

He tweeted: “Oasis the musical 5 lads from Manchester start a band and take on the world the little 1 who writes the songs turns into a massive **** sacks everyone except his little brother as he ain’t got the arse splits up the band there’s a story line for ya THE END LG x (sic).”