Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen talked to Mark Radcliffe with some exclusive clips below. The full interview will broadcast on 6 Music’s Radcliffe and Maconie’s show this morning, Saturday 19th October at 9.15am.

MARK: Do you eat well, do you work out, do you go running?
BRUCE: I don’t run. I can’t run anymore! I’ll walk very fast however and I just generally I take care of myself pretty well with the diet and exercise a little bit but that’s about it.

MARK: If you’re running out of the barn and you could only take one record – of yours – which one?
BRUCE: Oh man. If I could only take one. Well it’s tough, because it’s between two, but I might take Nebraska. It cost me $1000 to make with a recording deck about the size of that album cover, but it was really a special moment, you know. If I had to take a rock album, I’d probably grab Born to Run

On creativity:
BRUCE: At 70, you appreciate the vitality of your creative life. I think I’ve had 5 years where I’ve done some of the best work I’ve ever done, the past 5 years, the book, the play, the film, this record, that’s very exciting, you know. To be doing, where I’m at now because people do lose their mojo, they lose interest or you never know when you’re gonna write well again. You know it’s a mystery, but I stay very curious about the world and I’m curious about my own talent and where I can take that and so that keeps you alive and vital and the creative fire burning inside of you pretty brightly so I’m fortunate.