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The band’s guitarist Serge Pizzorno has confirmed the British rockers are working on new material – a follow up to 2017 record ‘For Crying Out Loud’ – after taking a break, and the ‘Club Foot’ hitmakers are hoping to “bring [the world] together” a bit more with their new music.

Serge – who worked on his solo project, The S.L.P, during the break – said: “Now feels like the right time. I’m back working on new Kasabian music and the world needs something to bring it together.”

The band – who will play a one-off show in their hometown of Leicester next June – are hoping their new tunes will bring some “healing” to the population.

Serge added to The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column: “The state of everything right now … we need some healing.
“As a personality I am a complex soul.”

The S.L.P – the initials of Serge’s full name, Sergio Lorenzo Pizzorno – released its debut single ‘Favourites’ in May and a self-titled album in August.

The 38-year-old musician recently admitted he hoped his solo career could be as successful as Kasabian.

He said: “You have to consider there’s gonna be all these people in front of you so you have to deliver the goods.
“And in that headspace, if I pick up the guitar it’s violence and it’s raw, euphoria and togetherness.

“With The S.L.P I want to get to the same point, hit the same peak. But it’s delicate and rhythmic and a whole different approach.”

And he praised Kasabian frontman Tom Meighan for his support.

Serge said: “He’s been amazing. It’s testament to the love we have for each other that he’s just been pure positive and really happy for me to do it.

“And that’s huge because that conversation was ringing round my head. Telling people I wanted to do this but we were six albums in and that, without changing it somehow, all the amazing things you’ve done get overlooked.”