Foo Fighters

Taylor Hawkins has teased Foo Fighters are planning something big for their 25th anniversary alongside making a new record.

The ‘Learn to Fly’ hitmaker have been busy preparing their follow-up to 2017’s ‘Concrete and Gold’, which drummer Taylor previously revealed they hope to release in 2020, which is also their 25th year as a band.

Asked about their plans, the 47-year-old sticksman – who will release the long-awaited new Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders album ‘Get The Money’ on November 8 – told Kerrang! magazine: “Well, it’s very possible.

“There’s a lot of talk.

“And I think Dave is already mapping out what he wants the next record to be, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s something coming down the pipe.

“I can’t 100 per cent spell it out for you for sure, because I’m always the last to know and I don’t want to give it away.
“But I would imagine there will be something made of the 25th year of the Foo Fighters, for sure. You know us, we never stop.”

Taylor recently revealed frontman Dave Grohl had “a lot of demos” to play with once they completed their shows in the UK, including headlining Reading and Leeds festivals in August.

He said: “Well, from what I’ve heard from our fearless leader Dave Grohl, he has a lot of demos that he’s worked on and I think we’ll start, once this tour is over. This little UK-ish run.

“I think not too soon after that we’ll start the process of putting the songs together as a band.”

On when he expects the new album to come out, he added:

“It’s a long process, we do a lot of demoing and stuff, but I think that we’ll have, I’m hoping, I think we’ll have a new record by next year. We should.”