Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart only joined Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament marches to hook up with girls.
Showing his support for CND throughout the 1960s, the Maggie May rocker joined the Aldermaston Marches on Easter weekends in England and was arrested at sit-ins, but in a new BBC Reel Stories interview, the 74-year-old admitted he had an ulterior motive to campaigning against nuclear missiles and war.

“We used to all go on the CND marches,” he said. “I used to do it to get shagged. I didn’t care about the war actually.”

The star went on to reflect on his early years, and admitted he’s shocked he was so successful with women, because his personal hygiene wasn’t great.

“It was just rebellion, that’s all it was,” he insisted. “You had to be smelly, though. You had to wear corduroy trousers for months and it really smelled. Don’t change your underpants. It was disgusting.”

However Rod, who is now married to third wife Penny Lancaster, 48, added that despite being rough around the edges, his hair was always on point.

“On the Tube (London Underground), all us were going down there holding on to our bouffant haircuts, because when you go down the escalator the train comes in and there’s an awful wind that comes up,” he laughed. “So (there would be) six or seven of us all going down holding our hair. Even then I used to have it back-combed.”