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Jake Bugg

Jake Bugg

The ‘Two Fingers’ singer decided to try a different genre with his new music – namely in a collaboration with dance duo Camelphat’s ‘Be Someone’ – and admits he struggled with the past, when he was involved in the “egotistical and competitive” world of guitar. Buy tickets below.

He said: “I was taken aback by how supportive the electronic world is of one another. Everyone has each other’s back, whereas in the guitar world it gets more egotistical and competitive. I said a few bitchy things when I was younger, as sometimes we’ve let our ego get hold of us. That’s silly – we should be supportive.”

Jake is unveiling a new album later this year and his new song ‘Kiss Like The Sun’ is the first look in his new genre.
Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper’s Wired column, he added: “There’ll be less guitars. I can write slow, ballady songs all day, but I’m trying to keep it up tempo. ‘Kiss Like The Sun’ is light-hearted and I want this record to be more fun. I want something modern and current, but with my DNA and voice in there.”

In 2018, Jake signed to a new record label in a bid to relaunch his career, with something “new and exciting” coming up.
An insider said: “It was ­obviously disappointing when his deal ended but he is now looking to make something new and exciting. After some time reflecting on his career, Jake recently signed a deal with Sony and is wasting no time moving forward with new music. Due to his connections within the industry, he has managed to work with Rita’s ex Andrew, who really is one of the most sought-after ­producers around right now. Jake has always been known for his folky, guitar-driven sound so he is hoping his new direction will raise a few eyebrows.”