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The ‘I Will Wait’ hitmaker is set to open his new venue Lafayette, in north London, shortly and believes these types of venues will help to nurture emerging talent like it did for his band.

He said: “Spending my life around independent music meant it felt like a natural progression to dive into venues. I’m not doing this because it’s a laugh or to make money. I genuinely believe in the ecosystem of this industry. Even when no one knew who Mumford & Sons were and we were playing in pubs, I cared just as much.

“There was a great regular event we played years ago in the back room of a London pub. I remember one night it was Adele, Jamie T, Florence [Welch] and us playing to a room of about 200 people. There will be acts playing here that will go on to headline Glastonbury.”

Whilst Lafayette doesn’t have that “Eric Clapton sweat on the walls” just yet, he is hopeful that the venue will become internationally recognised as the home of some of the greats.

Speaking to BBC Newsbeat, he added: “What we don’t have here, which some venues like the 100 Club do, is that Eric Clapton sweat on the walls – legendary stories of people that have played here. When an artist growing up in Venice Beach, LA, says ‘If I get to London and play somewhere like Lafayette’ that would be cool.

“As long as everyone remembers we’re all aiming towards the same goal – to have more venues to see bands that you get to know and love – then we’re going to be okay. We rely on the fact that people want to check out bands, that underpins the entire thing.”